php error happened

Technical information
Error type2
Error descriptionmysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: MySQL server has gone away
Error file/data/14/1/0/103/1326755/user/1421589/htdocs/Searchable/include/dbconnection.php
Error line9
SQL query
SolutionPHP needs to be set up to use it with MySQL.
To do that please open php.ini file in your C:Windows directory with a text editor, find the string


and remove a semicolon from the beginning.
Then find the string beginning with

;extension_dir =

and make sure that this points to folder within your PHP installation where php_mysql.dll file resides. Usually it is "c:phpextensions"
And at last copy libmysql.dll from your MySQL installation into the C:WindowsSystem32 directory.